I Wish I Were Dead

July 15, 2008
By Anonymous

"I wish I'd never been born,
I wish that I were dead",
These are the thoughts,
That ran through my head,

As they pointed,
As they teased,
As they laughed,
All at me,

I hid the pain,
Expertly well,
But the more I pretended,
The worse I felt,

A smile was plastered,
On my face,
To mask the pain,
I tried to erase,

It caused a pain,
Inside my heart,
As each day,
They ripped me apart,

So listen to me,
And heed this advice,
Don't be like them,
Don't ruin anothers life,

Don't be the reason,
"I wish I were dead",
Runs thourgh,
Someones head.

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