July 15, 2008
By Kasey Hoskins, Russells Point, OH

At first it was just a funny game,
But now we’ve seen the truth as it came.
Some battles we have won,
Some battles we have lost.
Will this fight ever end?
What will be the cost?
How many has to die?
How many families have to cry?
Will the president ever see,
How the war has affected you and me?
5, 10, 20 thousand life’s are gone.
Why must this continue to go on?
Tears pour down like rain,
As the soldiers go through both physical and emotional pain.
Can’t we just go to our happy places,
Where all we see are smiling faces.
Instead of fighting each day to live or die,
Lets go to a world where we never have to say goodbye.
To all the American soldiers my love and thanks I send,
Waiting for the day when we can finally say………………

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