July 14, 2008
By Cristina Mendez, El Paso, TX

Can I accept this gift?
This sacred bless gift that you threw to me from the womb,
When it turns the whole realm
Into a monochromatic plane?

Can I bind myself to a stone scripture,
Of lost words and broken stories
When there are the plenty of pages
Deemed forbidden, to pour over?

Am I to stumble in the dark?
Fumbling in search of a saving light
When a mortal hand can light one of their own
And show me another way?

Am I a lost soul wandering.
Through this purgatory and
Slowly drifting into
A fiery open hearth

Or am I onward to another
Simpler path of salvation
That is not above me,
But that exists with in this terrain

If there is a darker hand
Clawing at my wrist
Forcing me away,
For now I am content.

Looking towards the stars
And other beings for guidance
And reading tales, that would
Make the angels cringe in disgust

Practicing sins that go against
The Millenia old rules that
Were once carved into
The holy stone.

Trading a prison of stale bread and worship
As a ticket to intangible eternity
For a lifetime on this earth, with in the sun
Living the life I have now, in bliss.

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