When You Hurt, I Am There

July 14, 2008
By Keilah Blackmon, Decatur, GA

For those who have been done wrong,
I sit here and cry your tears and sing your song

For those who have been hurt by the ones they love, I stand here forever offering my heart filled with never-ending love.

I feel what you feel, I hurt when you hurt, and I cry when you cry
So to that person who took the time to tell you "I Love You"
Then turned around and said "I Don't Care About You"
To that one who Hurt you and made you Feel like you wanted to Cry
To that person my anger goes out to, and the obvious question as to "Why?"
It is that same one who you gave your innocence to.
It is that one who you trusted your heart to.
And in the end they just took it
And smashed it….They broke It!

But I'm so happy that person didn't break you.
My friends you are so strong,
You hold your head up high,
Even thought you have been done wrong.

This has brought you a very long way, this has opened your eyes to see that to them you where simply a prey.

With every road you cross I will be there by your side, helping you so you will never get lost.

Lost and caught up in the emotion called LOVE.
True Love is good
True Love is healthy
True Love is needed
But you have to find and fall for that TRUTH in love and not just in love with 'Love' itself. True love is Not greed, selfishness and wealth!

And so you will remember these things
Because I will be with you, reminding you of them until you feel their truthful sting.

For those who have been done wrong, I'm still here crying your tears and singing your song.

For those who have been hurt by the ones they love, I'm still standing here offering MY heart filled with never-ending Love.

My love will always be here for you, because I don't want to see you in pain
When I tell you "I Love You" I mean it, and will never say "I Don't Care About You"
Because to me your heart and love is not a game.

For those who have been hurt by the ones they love and those who have been done wrong
I am here forever my friends, so you will never feel or be alone…


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