The New Day

July 13, 2008
By Mhegan Misztal, Oxford Mills, ZZ

The New Day

It's a new day
The dawn has come
Turn to the light,
Gaze at the sun.

It's a new day
Don't dwell in the past
Better things to do
your worries won't last.

Take off your blindfold
Don't be afraid.
Life awaits;
Come meet your fate.

The dark is tempting,
The light is more.
Are you scared of seeing
What's in store,

For you?
Your time, your place your fate.
Your era is now
Don't give it up!
Show the world what 'cha got,
Strut your stuff!

You're promising
You don't know it now.
you donn't beleive it now.
Quit acting like a child now.
Because everyone else can see
How beautiful you can truly be.

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