All I Can’t Say

July 13, 2008
Many weeks has gone by,
Each and every moment time seems to fly.
My heart races day by day,
Hoping and waiting for him to come my way.
The things he’s done, I’ll never forget,
Meeting him, I’ll never regret.
Baby what can I say?
I’ve been lost in the say.
There’s a lot I can say when I look in your eyes,
But you already shattered my pride.
Each day, my feelings grow stronger, but won’t know,
Behind my smile, there’s too much I can’t show.
I’d hold you for a life time if you’d take my hand,
I’d love you like no other, but you don’t understand.
Every time we meet, I know you’re still with her,
The pain feels like being burned, the wounds never cure.
But my heart still flutters when I hear your name,
And no matter what I’ll feel the same.

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