I'm Gone

April 23, 2012
If i left, would you be happy?
Would you even care?
You're the one that i depended on
But when I needed you, you weren't there.

I was with you through so much
After everything you've done
No one said that love was easy
But isn't it supposed to be fun?

My smile has been stripped from me
All hope has gone away
I don't know what to do anymore
I don't know what to say

I thought I was your everything
You certainly were to me
But that's the past, things have changed
There's no need for jealousy

I'm tired of your selfish greed
I'm sick of your temper tantrum
Did you think that you could get me back?
That future is just a phantom

A whisper of what I offered you
Of what you could have had
But after everything you've done to me
You'll never get me back.

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