the alphabet town

July 12, 2008
By Tala el-fahmawi, Methuen, MA

In this town there is a place for every single letter
Start from A and go on to Z, I assure you there’s no better
A is for avalanche hill and B is for beans buy
Go on to C, clown resort is owned by a very nice guy
D is for Dumfum clothes and E is for elephant fit
F is for Figgels and Fine and G is for Golly Candy Bits
H is for Howdyman and I is for igloo hotel
J is for Jiggles, K is for Knights In Bells
L is for Lovely Locks and M is for Magazine Village
N is for Nobody Escapes Fashion Crime Prison
O is for Oak Tree Palace P is for Pen House Baker
Q is for Quila Queens and R is for Running Gater
S is for Socks Smiling and T is for Tower Tone
U is for Umbrella Brands, V is for Vases From Stones
W is for Window Washer and X is for X-ray test
Y is for Youth Products that are guaranteed to be the best
I think of all these great places with all silly names
But then I wonder why my school had to be on Zero passes lane

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