Unrequited Love And Good-Byes.

July 12, 2008
By Mel Pozo, Parlin, NJ

I Remember Sitting Hand In Hand
And Your Arms Around Me
You Were My Everything
And I Never Thought You'd Leave.

You Were Amazing
I Loved You So Much
You Become My world
And I Miss Your Touch.

Everything Seemed Perfect
Like Nothing Could Go Wrong
Than It Happened So Sudden
And You Were Gone.

I Hate Living Without You
It Gets So Hard To Deal
You're Still The Only One
And My Feelings Are Still Real.

I'd Give Up Everything
I'd Even Die For You
You Are My Life
In All Truth.

I Believed In Us
I Held So Much Hope
Now Everything I've Lived For
Is Falling Down A Slope.

I Gave You My All
You Held My Entire Heart
I Trusted You To Not Hurt Me
But You Tore Me Apart.

My Head Hurts From Thinking Of You
My Life Is Turned Upside Down
There's No Way To Take Control
When Your World Is Spinning Around.

I Know We're Done
I Know Very Well, It's over
But Before We Say Good-Bye
I Need Some Closure.

So Tell Me now
And Tell Me Here
Did You Ever Love Me?
Did You Enjoy Having Me Near?

But Let Me Tell You
Because I Need You To Know
You Meant Everything To me
And I Hate That You Had To Go.

I Don't Want To Do This
Can't You The Tears In My Eyes?
I Hate This Unrequited Love
And I Hate Good-Byes.

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