Hopeless Dream

July 12, 2008
By Mel Pozo, Parlin, NJ

There's something different about you
You have a glow in your eyes
I don't know what it really is
But you look so happy tonight.

You seem patient and calm
I love how you continue to smile
You make me feel safe and warm
Please stay for awhile.

I've been looking at you for sometime
Your smile, it captures me
I try to turn away
But, my eyes still want to see.

You shine so bright
The sun doesn't have a thing on you
You're steering my heart
I'm stuck on everything you do.

You turn around
And you look at me before you leave
You smile once more
You completely have control of me.

And when I see you
I cannot believe you're looking my way
I get so nervous and there's this feeling
But it's a good kind of pain.

There's a tingle in my body
I feel the butterflies
You make me feel funny
You make me feel alive.

You're walking towards me
I cannot believe what my eyes see
But than, suddenly, I sadly awake
To realize it was all just another hopeless dream.

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