July 12, 2008
By jasmine west, Greenville, SC

At times i feel like my whole world is tumbling dowm
there is no hope, love or trust to be found

I don't know how i got here
how to get out
as strangly as it may seem
im finally learning what patience and honesty is all about

i decide to take a second look around
to re- exaimen whay i thought i had found
there was some things i didn't see from the start
and those things made me know i was trapped inside my heart

wow, it's not the place i thought it be
how could something so badly destructed live inside a girl like me
i guess because i denied and tried to ignore my pain for so long i could nolonger see
that i was neglecting a special part of me

because i was to afriad and weak to face the pain
i left my heart alone to face the rain
but i couldn't let the anger,pain, and grief stay any longer
my heart was in critical condition it was time to make it sronger

It took some time to make my heart anew
but the more i let go of the past the healther it grew
yes, there are somethings that are still there
but between me and my heart
love trust and new begginings is what we share

Now i think twice about who i let in because i don't want to see my heart like that again

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