All American Hero

July 11, 2008
An all American hero,
Is a hero tried and true.
He fights his battles along the frontlines to protect his country,
Symbolized by the red,
The white,
And the blue.
His purpose is simple,
And was meant for me and you.
That purpose is to protect lives many and few.
Standing at attention,
He does not move.
He is obedient in every dimension.
His smile is hidden,
His eyes...
Blank and forbidden.
He stands as one with an army of many.
His guns are loaded,
As well as his mind too.
He prays to god that he'll come back to his family,
And his country too.
He moves his attention at ease.
His sergeant calls...
It is his time,
He must leave.
He is quick to breathe the last breath of the early morning breeze.
He knows he may never come back...
But that’s the least of his worries.
He marches off in a group of many...
In his heart,
The battle is already won.
As he marches away,
All of America shall say...
He was an all American hero,
Guided by the risen son.

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hopiedope said...
Aug. 5, 2008 at 12:38 am
i really like all the poems that she write these two are two of the many that she write she is a very talented writer
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