May 2, 2012
By Anonymous

Many people say it’s typical of a teenager to complain about school but the difference this time is that I’m concerned about my education and my stress levels as far as school is concerned. It is extremely difficult to balance six classes a day, a job, being president of my youth group and making time so I can have life. Notice how I said it’s hard to have six classes a day… NOT 7! I feel that the all seven period scheduling as well as black is just going to throw everyone off and make them have an even more stress than what is already built upon them in a 6 class day. Not only will this affect our amount of work per day, it will also through off class time. It will either one, make the class times too long, stretching out the classes too much could mean that teachers run out of time to teach; or two the classes will be too short causing us to have less instructional time as well as a lot less time to complete tests in a particular class. All in all, this would throw off the entire student body and perhaps some of the teachers. In all reality, the school board would be smart to leave school schedules with a rotator schedule with 6 classes a day as it is now!

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