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July 11, 2008
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In my world,
Inanimate objects talk, and they're not scary.
On occasion they dance, if you charm them just right,
And on every occasion, we dance with them.

In my world,
All of us poop rainbows
From the storm clouds we eat.
And we burp laughing gas
From the large amounts of air we swallow
While laughing as we stampede to our favorite tree.

In my world,
Everyone is half unicorn with the mobility of man.
And our hooves never hurt,
Despite the fact we run everywhere we go
Except when we walk with friends
While having deep, insightful conversations.

In my world,
Global Warming is only in reference to 4:00 p.m. in the winter time,
When the world retreats inside
From playing in the snow all day,
To drink hot coca-coca and sit by the fire with loved ones.

In my world,
Terrorist Attack is just a playground game we play,
Even though nobody really understand it
Because we never experience terror
And attack is just a word associated with our gravy devouring our mashed potatoes.

In my world,
Everyone loves to swim
Because even without the ickiness of gills,
We can all breathe under water.
And we have fabulous tea parties
In underwater caves because they never collapse.

In my world,
Everybody looks forward to tomorrow
While savoring today.
And once every month, everybody has the ability to fly.
And our ears don't pop when we lift past the clouds.

In my world,
Everybody has respect for the diversity of beliefs
Because we are all equal while still maintaining individuality.
For example, I am special because I can turn invisible
And I can make people smile
...not bad

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Nina said...
Aug. 5, 2008 at 4:31 pm
You help to prove that imagination uplifts, language is art, thought inspires ... and where we are able to go in our minds is that much richer shared with others through poetry ...
Thank you for this!
Keep it coming ...
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