What Have We Done?

May 2, 2012
By Pianist88 BRONZE, Pasadena, California
Pianist88 BRONZE, Pasadena, California
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look at him
a lonely child
his life is war
he’s never smiled
he is young
but he knows only death
screams out his pain
with every breath
what did he do?

look at them
treated worse than trash
down the darkened streets
through the shadows they dash
guns blaze and fire
angry voices shout
they fall one by one
their last cries ringing out
what did they do?

look at her
she once had dreams
to change the world
end the needless screams
now, she walks hunched
her future gone
trudging through a dark night
with no hope of dawn
what did she do?

look at us
in our houses with light
food and running water
doors that block out the night
we ignore the knocking
of those outside
like we don’t hear them
we try to hide
from what we’ve done.

The author's comments:
This poem was inspired by our world and how we view others and their misfortunes. Although the first three verses specifically mention the poor and unfortunate, the last verse implies that there is loneliness and strife that we ignore daily (in our schools, jobs, and even families) and that if we don't support the rest of our society and continue to hide from our mistakes, humanity will collapse.

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