The Modern Day Girl

May 2, 2012
By Sophia Simeone BRONZE, Toronto, Other
Sophia Simeone BRONZE, Toronto, Other
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As she looks in the mirror
she see’s what no one else can.
Of course what she see’s isn’t real,
its something she can’t have.
She’s beautiful, and healthy.
What else could she ask for?
Others opinions no longer matter to her.
What she seeks for is something more.
She dreams to be thin, and flawless.
From a young age she has been corrupted by the magazines,
tv shows, celebrities, movies, and music.
The more she tries, nothing pays off it seems
Skipping meals, counting calories,
trying anything to make it work.
Everyday this cycle continues.
She doesn’t realize how much it hurts.
She hides her feelings of imperfection,
from anyone who tries to ask.
Her goal is to achieve something unattainable.
All that she feels has become masked
She cries out for help
as she stares into the mirror.
She realizes what she is doing to herself
and her eyes begin to tear.
She knows the mirror is a bunch of lies,
it turns her into someone she doesn’t recognize.
As she turns away from the mirror
she begins to the see the world through a new set of eyes.
She knows she is beautiful
no matter what others say.
By doing harmful things to herself
she slowly chips her life away.
Her brand new eyes allow her to see
and allow her to have a new perspective of the world.
She has been blessed with so many good things around her,
she is a modern day girl.

The author's comments:
Written by a teenage girl about teenage girls.

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