Math is a Challenge For Me

July 11, 2008
Math is a challenge for me,
It includes all these numbers, my favorite three,
There's all these shapes and all these signs,
It gets me confused in my mind,
I know the octagon is the one with eight sides,
But the rest, I have no idea,
There I sit at my desk,
Taking forever to finish my test,
All those equations and inequalities,
are so hard, I get them all wrong,
But those fractions, percents, and decimals,
Are simple and easy,
As soon as the teacher starts passing back the graded tests,
My heart rate starts increasing,
And there I am wondering what I got,
Hoping I didn't fail or get them all wrong,
As soon as I get back my test,
All I see is x's and maybe a few checks printed in red,
Math is a challenge for me.

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