Math is a Challenge For Me

July 11, 2008
By Meera Garala, Windsor Locks, CT

Math is a challenge for me,
It includes all these numbers, my favorite three,
There's all these shapes and all these signs,
It gets me confused in my mind,
I know the octagon is the one with eight sides,
But the rest, I have no idea,
There I sit at my desk,
Taking forever to finish my test,
All those equations and inequalities,
are so hard, I get them all wrong,
But those fractions, percents, and decimals,
Are simple and easy,
As soon as the teacher starts passing back the graded tests,
My heart rate starts increasing,
And there I am wondering what I got,
Hoping I didn't fail or get them all wrong,
As soon as I get back my test,
All I see is x's and maybe a few checks printed in red,
Math is a challenge for me.

The author's comments:
In language arts, my class was starting our poetry unit. At first, I was like NO! because I didn't know how to write any poems and was very bad at it and hated the idea of the whole unit. But then once we got going into the unit, I found out it wasn't that bad. I was assigned to write poems as well as my classmates using all the skills we learned in our mini lesson such as alliteration, onamatopeia, imagery, and much more. So I gave it a try and at first I didn't like it, but then once I started writing more and more poems, I gained my confidence and now I love to write poems. About my poem above, yes it is real meaning math is quite a challenge for me!! I don't know how I am in advanced math and I hate it! Everything in that poem is all true!

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