I Am

July 11, 2008
By kemmaris cheatum, Sacramento, CA

I am an artist finding a creative life.
I am the moon wanting the sun as my wife.
I am the heart of a sick boy with a simple wish.
I am the shaking doctor that can end a life with a swish.
I am the mother who lost her child.
I am that criminal that killed as he smiled.
I am the hippo lost in endless bliss.
I am that girl who feels she doesn't exist.
I am the homeless dog starving for food.
I am that school bully who is always rude.
I am that boy who is an angel but hides that he is bad.
I am the lonely widow who's children have no dad.
I am the crying child that has no place.
I am the cheating husband that brings disgrace.
I am that duck that wants to be a dog.
I am the frightened kitten lost in the fog.
I am that boy bullied and bleeding.
I am the rich wife good at misleading.
I am that person that can turn my life around with a single action.
I am the person that shapes my life to my satisfaction.
I am that person that gives others hope.
I am that strong girl given any situation can cope.
I am the alien wishing to be just like you.
I am that person that has dreams to pursue.

I am the person with many obstacles to face.
I am the person that overcomes them no matter the case.
I am what i am.

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