Fragility of Fame

May 2, 2012
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I’m a God among men they say
As I stride and make my way
To the Podium in front of me,
A crowd gathers to see
The spectacle I tend to be,
Shining with fine qualities
Strength, grandeur and poise,
When I wave they make such noise,
thus is the grace of fame
That has its roots within my name
When I stand before the crowd,
My voice thunders clear and loud,
but as the end draws near
I suddenly begin to fear
My Message has not made it through
The gap between us has grew
I realize they pity me,
Always going on TV
Acting rather strange or funny,
Just to earn myself some money,
I have to put my pride aside
My imperfections I must hide
I must play the stupid games
All to keep my ill-earned fame
I’m a God among men they say,
Boy I wish I saw it that way

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