Hero You Are

July 11, 2008
By Vanna James, Las Vegas, NV

If I speak about the hero you are it would seem fictional
As I sit back and think about the times that were meaningful
I look to the left
To began my quest
It was innocences lost at 7, hero you are
The circumstances that were yours you made them mine.
Excuse me if I begin to mumble
But my minds about to enter a familiar jungle
Its hero you are!
The breeder of life
The light to my shine
The darkness to my night
You would be the hero you are with no regrets
As I would catch the sweat fallin from your pounding chest
From up above, thinking in my mind
This will over soon jus give it time
But as I tried to imagine dancing, hoping, running, with my child like mind
I have to face facts that my body was being mentally and physically abused overtime.
Now if anybody can tell this story better than I can
I'd like to see you come up here and take that chance
Because it was tip tap boom
Doors shut
Eyes closed
In the zoon
If only hero you are wasn't kin
I wouldn't be so crumbled up within
Mind rising from 0 to 10
Eyes open,
Now I reflect on life
Too much pride with my beaten flesh
Not knowing who's next
Or who has intentions
Now before I leave my mind.
This hero of mind is going to shine.
Its hero you
The breeder of life
The light to my shine the darkness to my night
Oh father you are
The man who made me
If only you could see what I've grown to be
Strength, courage and wisdom
Never thinking negative, eventhough that's what you made me
I made that competitive.
Something god gave me
This human, this child
Carrier of your last name
I hear it all the time People say it Vanna James
Hero you are.
Sometimes I have to wonder what hero you are?

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this poem from my outlook on the sexual harassment of a child. The pain someone has to suffer. Letting them know that I hear their call and you're not alone. There's a way to get over your past by living in the future. That's what I hope people will understand about this poem. Give time the time to work. Eventually the hardships will pass and you'll be able to live your purple life.

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