Without You

April 29, 2012
By , Clinton, MD
Somewhere in a sandy place
Far across the sea
You're fighting in a war
Come home soon to me

The baby was just born
We named him after you
I wonder when you'll see him
He's really, really cute

Mama seems so tired
I think she's awful sad
I miss you a lot
But she misses you real bad

Our dog died yesterday
I cried the whole night long
I want him back so much
And I can't believe he's gone

I tried to make us breakfast
But I burned the eggs and toast
I thought that I could help
But I think mom need you most

I'm trying not to cry
It only makes me sad
But I'm scared you won't come back
I really need you Dad

I hope you find the bad guys
I hope you do it soon
Things just aren't the same
Living without you

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