To a Swan

April 24, 2012
By Sandstone BRONZE, Central Point, Oregon
Sandstone BRONZE, Central Point, Oregon
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Favorite Quote:
When I stand before God at the end of my time on Earth I don't want to have a single ounce of talent left. I want to be able to say "I used everything you gave me."

Listen to me, lovely Swan!
Who never truly was a bird
But an angel, from heaven fallen
Whose beauty leaves a heart spurred,
Wanting to replicate the splendor just observed

From heaven you have tumbled
A gleam of white in the ink night
Like a star that fell because it stumbled
Now you also shine in the daylight
On a mission to bring Earth beauty and delight

In the evening’s twilight
Reflecting off the water’s surface
Over which willows weep at night
You drift in the midst
Like a silhouette from a dream long missed

What are you, lovely creature?
It cannot be expressed
We can only compare feature to feature
Trying to describe the beauty you possess
Painting with elegant words, failing nonetheless

Like a cloud
Gliding in the sky
Silent and proud
So you glide in the water, shy
One glides low and one glides high

Like a masked maiden
At a formal masquerade
Blinking behind her disguise now and then
Beautifully portrayed
A majestic figure, unofficially displayed

Like a teacup’s handle ear
Elegantly curved
It makes a certain grace appear
A grace for your neck alone reserved
A beautiful thing to be observed

Like a field of wheat,
Rippling in the breeze
A uniformed movement, yet discreet
The leaves undulate in the trees
The same way your feathers sway with such ease

Like a lily adrift
In a clear spring
Floating serenely through water rifts
Propelled by either leaf or wing
Water around the white, like peasants surrounding a king

Show me, bird or angelic being,
What you do in secret
For I have never seen
A more beautiful body yet
You are something I will never forget

What do you do
That makes you so lovely?
What potion do you stew?
Or perhaps a magical tea,
That turns you into something we wish to see?

Or is there possibly a different key
That you have found
That unlocks the secret of being pretty
Many, it would confound
Because it is so simple and yet profound

You are utterly happy
And this makes you handsome
With pure joy and soul carefree
With a smile and a hum
Picturesque as the heavens you fell from

We try for gladness
And fail time and time again
Driving ourselves into madness
Only to long for it even more then
Happiness is a search that knows no end

If only this pleasure in life
We too could obtain
And erase every speck of strife
Removing all forms of disdain
And beauty would be all that could remain

Show me half of what you do
My stunning dear
And I will be half as lovely as you
So that I too, can be endeared
The world will watch me, as I have watch you here

The author's comments:
This in imitation of "To a Skylark," by Percy Shelley. I wrote this as an assignment for my Honors English class. We had to model our own poem after another famous poem's structure, I chose "To a Skylark," by Percy Shelley. It was hard, but it turned out pretty good I think!

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