April 24, 2012
By Aliza Dube GOLD, Deep River, Connecticut
Aliza Dube GOLD, Deep River, Connecticut
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Send them off in a whisper
Blurry, nothing crisper
Send it up in a prayer
Handle with care
In the smoke of a candle
Possibility we can’t handle
In the crack of a wishbone
Make desires known
In leaves of a clover
By a dreamy rover
In the flight of a lash
Words a bit rash
To a shooting star
Thought it’s too far
For it to give a damn
Bout who you or I am
When the clock chimes
A certain time
It seems possible
Even comprehensible
That our suggestion
For life’s progression
With flawless circumstance
Will become happenstance
When no more power
Have we, then the shower
Of dandelion seeds
Kids of weeds
That we entrust with our dreams
Hold us together at the seams
Make us freed
If only a fancy, something we need

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