An education

April 24, 2012
By Aliza Dube GOLD, Deep River, Connecticut
Aliza Dube GOLD, Deep River, Connecticut
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Yellow line a question
Lures with suggestion
Just keep going
Words, honey flowing
Silence by turning
Left to learning
Like every other day before
Monotony filling every pore
Each day
Nothing new to say
Confine me
Define me
In boxes of the calendar
Lined fender to fender
In cattle cars
And chattel bars
As far as I see
All we can be
Carry off minutes and hours
Without consent or power
Only want to fly
How can I
When backpacks and books
Cling like hooks
Forever chained
A Marley pained
With no crime, no offense
To justify this fence
One day I will be free
To follow the pavement that I see
Till them I chafe
Bored and safe
And I dream
Of question marks with yellow seams

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