Lillian White

April 24, 2012
The velvet singed hair of Lillian White,
Flowed in the wind of a hopeless night,
Colored with fear, and broken with fright,
Lillian was beautiful, a wonderful sight.

When the stars shined brightly high above,
Lillian would float like a graceful dove,
Speaking of hopes, dreams, wishes and love,
Never to come true, for she had given up.

Lillian White, she was definitely bright,
Smarter then others' and knew what was right,
Falling was a problem, seeming no fight,
Lillian, oh Lillian, my Lillian White.

As the night starts to fade and the sun soon to rise,
You can see her fading, whispering goodbyes,
For when the sun came out, she disappeared from sight,
Lillian, oh Lillian, Miss Lillian White.

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