a dead reality

July 11, 2008
By rachel ainsworth, Edmonton, ZZ

You spend your days dreaming, way up in the sky
then reality checks in and you’re asking yourself why?
After all if you could stay dreaming like this forever,
wouldn't the world be better then ever?

But nothing will ever stay the same,
everything breaks and nothing is ever sain.
So you stay in your dream world, letting go
of what you’re missing, darling wouldn't you like to know?

So kiss your dreams good bye,
realities slowly passing you by.
You want to walk away, make a scene or two,
but sooner or later it will all come down on you.

Maybe take a knife, and create some scars,
all you really want to do is live like the stars.
but nothing will go right, and nothing you will be come,
just another person in the background, a suicidal bum.

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