Galaxy Dreams

April 24, 2012
By Angelique1322 SILVER, Lake Mills, Wisconsin
Angelique1322 SILVER, Lake Mills, Wisconsin
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I hold you in my arms
Under the sapphire sky
The bright diamonds twinkling just for us
And when we fall asleep
Up and over the trees we'll fly
Straight to the clouds
The silver pillows tempt us
And so we obey

There we lay together
Under the sapphire sky
The galaxy puts on a show for us
The moon dances across the sky 
Like a pearl floating in a stream
A comet shoots by like a firework 
We make a wish
And then the comets gone

The diamonds twirl like ballet dancers
Upon the sapphire stage 
They take a bow 
And the moon comes out
Ending the brilliant display
He turns and waves 
As he skips away towards the horizon 
Letting the sun Kiss us good morning 

She wraps us up in her warm embrace
We know that's it's time to go
Down to the earth we soar
To the soft patch of grass that calls us home
There we lay watching the sun wake the earth
Spreading her colors across the sky 
Welcoming the brand new day
And so there we lay, you and I
In the soft patch of grass
Under the morning sky

The author's comments:
I was listening to a song artist called Owl City when I wrote this. His unusual songs inspired me to write is.

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