April 24, 2012
By crazygirlm BRONZE, Guilderland, New York
crazygirlm BRONZE, Guilderland, New York
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Have you ever been in a car with you’re mom/dad and you look in the mirror and you see a car passing through lanes and slipping through the cars in up coming lanes towards you? Have you ever thought of doing something about it? Well I’m going to right now!

Not only is the driver putting himself in danger, they are putting everyone around them in harms way. The reason I feel so strongly about distracted driving is because anytime I go on the road with my mom I don’t want to worry about someone texting or doing there makeup and speeding 20 miles over the speed limit.

To show you how dangerous this is there have been there have been “1.56 trillion text messages sent according to a network company this year, 21% of that got into auto accidents.” Also reaserch shows that woman aged 17-21 are most likely to calide with someone else while putting on makeup.

Also I have been in many situations were someone wasn’t paying attention “putting on there makeup” or “ texting” someone” and honestly I don’t even want to go on the roads if there are so many reported accidents of someone not paying attention. For example A personal experience I have is I was with my Aunt and she got a text from one of her friends and she didn’t pull over, and all of a sudden the light changed to red and she stopped all of right away but it was to late we someone crashed into her rear end and she ran into the person in front of her.

But also the drivers might be going to an important meeting or someone just texted them one of their family members are in the hospital or something along those lines. But also they could wait till they get to their destination and or pull over to text someone and or put on makeup on.

Do you now see how dangerous distracted Driving is? Would you want to stop it? I know I would. I wouldn’t want to end up on the side of the road on the other side of the rails. So lets try to reduce the chances of crashes of distracted driving.

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