When Someone Watches Over You

April 24, 2012
By LokiLove01 BRONZE, Osage City, Kansas
LokiLove01 BRONZE, Osage City, Kansas
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Do you ever feel safe and warm and don’t really know why?
Have you ever had someone wipe away your tears when you cry?

Do you feel like there is something more you have to say?
Have you ever cried and cried until your tears have flown away?

Do you ever wonder if there are places that you’ve never been?
Have you ever wanted to see someone lost again?

Do you ever think that maybe they want to see you, too?
Then maybe, just maybe, they’re watching over you.

To keep you safe, to keep you warm
To make sure you’re ok.

We kneel at our beds, praying to say all the things you wish you could say.
They see you, you don’t see them, but they never hide.

Always watching, always waiting for those faithful days
When you feel their presence and feel them there, standing by your side.

And when you don’t, never fear, because they’ll always be there
In the wind or in the trees, their souls floating in the air
They watch you gingerly, and love you kindly and never will forget

The blessing you gave to them, they never wonder who…
Maybe this is what it feels like to have someone watching over you.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem for all of the people who we have lost, and for the people who we miss.

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