July 10, 2008
By AraceliJasmin GOLD, Cicero, Illinois
AraceliJasmin GOLD, Cicero, Illinois
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I’ve felt so much pain yet I anticipate that there’s more to come. I cry myself to sleep I weep uncontrollably because of you. And I don’t know why you don’t even realize how much you’ve hurt me. I can’t go through my routine without you in my head and when I wake up thoughts of you I dread. Just memories of you torture me much more than the sight of you. Because once I see your face and that smile I know why I have fallen more than twice on my knees asking you to be mine. But you will never be truly mine she will always have you in her spell. Oh well, what can I do but still wait for you? All I have known is pain it has devoured my brain and polluted my veins. Why are you on my mind can’t rid myself of you I still want you here. You are the drug my body screams for more and my brain begs for removal. I want to rip my heart open and get a new one that never knew you. Your poison lips speak sweet lullabies filled with lies that subliminally end of my demise. You treat me like a toy play with me when you want a cheap thrill and let me drown in my sickness at your own free will. Don’t worry I will move on, eventually and when I have the strength you will not escape my wrath. Give my feeble, weak heart some time to repair the detrimental effects of previous
Heartaches and it will be twice as strong. What hasn’t killed me will only help me get unbelievably strong. Don’t worry it wont be long before you are the one that falls in my trap. Once you do you will have reaped what you sown and you will be alone. The pain will be immense I can only describe as being burned alive, having your abdomen sliced open and being fed your own intestines. I will enjoy the sweet aroma and bask in the glory when I see the look on your face when I laugh in your face. Spit on you and call you a dreadful disgrace!!

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