Dare to be Alice in Wonderland

July 10, 2008
By Kaitlyn Holstine, Brisbane, CA

Dare to be Alice in Wonderland

One pill made her smaller and the other one turned her blue
She was told to take a shot of vodka
That would help her loosen up too
As she fell down the black hole, she knew she couldn’t get out
She no longer had control of her body because of the amount

Walking was becoming ridiculous so she hopped into a car
Knowing the place she could get more wasn’t very far
Red lights, green lights, flashing passed her eyes
She saw a little white rabbit that was leading her to demise

She was an A+ student, a daughter and a friend
But why should all of that matter?
She would find light at the tunnel in the end
She wondered why the white rabbit decided to change its course
It led her to prince charming, with sirens blazing, on a white horse
When she got to the castle, the doctor knew what he had to do
Give her some pills, one red and one blue

She was missing I.D. her hope, and a smile
But all that would change in the course of an hour
She knew once she got out, she would get back her pills
And the little white rabbit would lead to castles among hills

When she looked at the pills in her hand, she knew what they would do
The white rabbit would come back,
Help her look for prince charming through and through

She wanted the fairy tale story that she had heard when she was young
When her father had left, these comforting tales often came off her mother’s tongue
So when she took the pills at night, she often knew where the rabbit was trying to lead
To her father or prince charming since the rabbit was her greed

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