Silence is Loud

April 22, 2012
Now close your eyes, blackness envelopes your eyes like black clouds clouding your eyes

You hear birds flapping their wings and cawing getting out of the storm ahead

You hear rocks silently making a rumble sound

You hear trees shake their leaves, whipping their branches

You are waiting for the rain to pelt you, waiting to soak you clothes that stick to your body

You remember having a thought of sticking your tongue out to taste the rain

Shake your head, … that is silly

You wait for the thunder booming in the distance, counting the seconds of how many miles away it is

Boom 1... Boom 2... Boom 3...

13 miles away you think

You wait to hear the electrifying sound of lightning

In your memories it reminds you a jaguar yowling in pain

Blood oozing out of its cuts over one eye, across its back and down his right front leg

It is limping... pad... pad the sound of its foot lightly hitting the ground, walking a few steps

You do not know this but those padded paws are worn down to the thinness of the pad

Thump you hear the jaguar has fallen defeated slowly dying

Gradually the head turns to you its yellow eyes flicker at you, not going to fight you but one last look before it dies

You wait to shudder, waiting for the tears to fall down your face, wanting to help the poor creature

Slowly the tiny droplets curve down your soft baby's cheek and form a puddle on the grass

Another memory pops in your hear, your mother slowly soothing you about the nightmare you had

You liked the hug, the warmth, the grasp, the unifying heartbeats, and the rhythm of the rocking

Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth

Little by little you fall asleep

Coming back to your senses, still your eyes are closed

You wait to smell the green grass, all covered in dew

It even though you do not see them it strikes a bell of the last time you say a spider web in the morning sunlight after it has rained, all the lines are connected, like silk and the rain drops have been captured

That is unique, you are in awe

Coming back to this moment of the storm

You wait until it ends

You wait for your body to shiver of the cold gust

But then nothings is really happening you…eyes still closed

Nothing is happening

Something is bothering you, you do not know what

You realize it was silence and imagination

Silence is loud

And Imagination is powerful

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Nicole67 said...
May 4, 2012 at 1:55 pm

i love this but The line in the first stanza, "Like black clouds clouding your eyes" is kinda confusing because you said the word eyes a lot so...

Just a suggestion but i think it would flow better if you said "like black clouds hiding the clear sky"

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