July 10, 2008

Drip, Drip, Drip is all that is heard

When you find yourself crying.

So quiet

Awkward silence.

Pound on your heart, nothing there.

An echo is heard quiet as it bounces off the empty walls

There's nothing there, pure silence

Your heart has been shattered.

As glass from a crash, were to fly through the air.

You feel loneliness, hurt, and sorrow

You cry blood to represent your pain.

No one understands, they just don't understand.

You cry alone so no one else sees

The hurt inside,

They see it in your eyes

They know you're not strong

But you just wont let go.

You sail away on a boat,

Hoping never to look back.

Your emptiness has filled the jars

The tears that have been washed away.

They can see the twinkle in your eyes

They think they know the hurt you feel inside. But they don't!

Just once, just once want to cut yourself open

Just to crawl out of your skin.

Emptiness is filled in your heart that makes yourself bleed.

Just once, you don't want to feel empty.

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