Heavy Heart

July 12, 2008
By Erik VanOosten, West Branch, MI

aside from all things else
i feel for you
all the way to my core
i can feel your touch
in the marrow of my bones

surely god ran a comb through you
all the miseries of this slate grey world cannot stroke fingertips through
your hair, so pure
and purely do i feel for you
aside from all things else

aside from tarnished silver in a drawer
aside from a field full of sheep
aside from a man bleeding in knossos
knossos is the capital of crete, crete
it is an island off the coast of greece

an island, not unlike you and your
luminous existence, so complete

so with all things cherished
in your eyes, so fluorescent
i can only hope you find it in

to save some of your light for me
aside from all things else

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem on the back of a sheet containing my Algebra homework.

I was sitting in the lockeroom before swimming practice when i wrote it.

I wrote it for a girl, who was doubting our relationship at that time.

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