I love you

April 29, 2012
By satrianab14 SILVER, Auburn, Washington
satrianab14 SILVER, Auburn, Washington
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Be yourself because you yourself are beautiful.

I hear your voice coming near me so my heart beats without a
choice. I can smell your scent from miles away as I sniff the air trying to get away. your touch, your smell, your voice is what keeps me alive so I strive to be with you every day of my life. The more your with me the more you make me. I love you a way words can’t describe mostly because you have the most amazing vibe. All I want is to spend all my time with you and to never hear the words we’re through. Im so happy just to see your presence and to never keep a distance. If it were up to just me id be with you forever and for you to say yes il take a guess. I want you to hold me and tell me im beautiful instead of laying there all alone like a fool. You love me I love you so whatever you do never say were through. Me and you are one and will never be done. Our relationship is so strong and its been so long. I love to listen to your heartbeat because it plays my favorite song and that’s the way its been all along. Hold me and never let me go and if you ever do go slow. Through our ups and downs not even a frown because no ones perfect I love you for you and we will always be stuck together like glue.

The author's comments:
this peom is about a couple who truly cant live without eachother its true love.

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