July 10, 2008
By Malikah French, Durham, NC

Sometimes. I want to climb into the tallest tree,
And watch the world go by.
Maybe carry my favorite book with me,
& look over you while you cry.

Sometimes. I want to be with you,
but I always know I can't.
Maybe we will laugh some more,
& sing our song again.

You'll call me your angel,
& watch me while I sleep.
I'll pack your ragged things,
& never make a peep.

The world will turn more everday,
but nothing will ever change.
If I could've seen the future then,
I would have declared it strange.

Sometimes. I want to go to the past.
& just visit for a while.
To remind myself that something loved me,
Like when I was a child.
Sometimes. I want to forget about the present.
Because it hurts too much.
& tell myself the future will be better,
If I just toughen up.
Sometimes. I crave the future.
In hopes you'll come back again.
But I know that it's only a dream,
& you stayed back then.
Sometimes. I crave the end.
Then I wont hurt anymore.
You'll forever be hers,
& I can silently close that door.

Sometimes. I wish I didn't have a care in the world,
because all my cares break my heart.
Sometimes. I wish all I could hear was music,
It would drown out my thoughts and give me a new start.

Sometimes. I laugh about it.
Sometimes. I cry.
One day I'll realize,
I shouldn't even try...

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