Teach me

July 9, 2008
By cameron lewis, Helena, AL

As I am standing with you I see my beginning my end and my yesterday
Looking into your eyes takes me to a place of eternity
Not wanting more than just a piece of how happy you make me
That I’m afraid that I don’t know how to show it
See you want something different and I’m trying to be it
But I’m not sure if I can do it
Most of the time when I’m lost
I need someone’s help to get through it
So I’m asking you to lead me
Walk with me
Teach me everything that I’m suppose to be used to
I’m not used to someone so special so I’m not sure how it’s suppose to be
But I definitely want to try it
You make me smile and no
“It’s not a gimmick.”
It’s just you do it without really even trying
You make me laugh and it’s like the last breathe before you die
I just want to hold it
So frankly… teach me

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