Midnight Dream

July 8, 2008
By Mindy munoz, Irving, TX

The blood in my veins quickened in their pace as his arms weaved their way to my waist. His body is teasing mine by caressing my skin with his. He twirls my hair, but he doesn't know he's spinning my mind. As he searches through my mind as if looking for my naked soul. He finds all my strengths and all my weaknesses, by just spinning a strand of hair. Round and round my world will go where it stops I'll never know. My mind comes to a hault as I feel his handsome eyes lingering upon my torso, and then feeling his gaze decending towards my inner thigh. Our hands clasp as our bodies innertwine. His feirce kiss. I lay with my head on his perspiring chest memorizing the rythum of his heartbeat. The realizing that it matched mine. Suddenly he awoke flashing me a grin that I could never forget. Leaning forward he whispers in my ear. "YOUR LATE FOR SCHOOL"!
Swatting at that bloody alarm clock for waking from such a beautiful dream. Then just realizing that it was just a midnights dream.

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