Jordan River

July 8, 2008
By Jessie McNichols, Stamford, CT

Jordan, my sacred river
you have made me a believer
now I kneel here by your side, my love
and pray to the sky for a sign.
I am tired now, and my course is run
and the bloody rays of the setting sun
make your waters look like wine.
And the reeds in the wind
and your weary flow
remind me of days now long ago
when you, Jordan, were mine.
For you, I spilled my blood in the sand
and held out my heart in the palm of my hand
For you, Jordan, for you--
And I grew lonely and I grew old
and the nights without you were long and cold
But Jordan, I stayed true.
Now here by your side,
I wait with the tide
My longing as long as the ocean is wide
'til you tell me you love me too.

[For M.M.]

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