July 8, 2008
By Elysia Baskins, Philadelphia, PA

If a cup was twice as much as half empty
Would it be empty or full?
If I stand here saying s***, but with smart words
Is it still as much bull-


If you doubled all the schools in the world
And divided all the kids by two
Would half the kids still be too much
To fit in the amount of doubled schools?

If I took all the gallons of clean water
And multiplied it by five
Would it be enough to save the people
Who have already died?

If I stole half the money from every billionair
And divided it by three
I'd probably still have enough
To feed half of the hungry

If everyone saved the pennies
The ones they find everyday
And donated it towards a new kind of fuel
Would the world still be this way?

If all the people I know are alive
To live past twenty-three
Then they've beaten the odds of getting shot
Before they get a chance to see-

The world.
As it gets hurled,
And all,
It won't get to be.

If one in twenty people attends therapy
And every one in four people have a mental illness
And if an eighth of the people in jail were free
We'd have twenty-five percent more guiltless-


If I multiply the percentage of deaths from guns by twenty
And I subtrace it from the number of deaths due to malnutriticion
I have a suspicion
That'd it'd be less then half the people who are missing-

Somone in a war
Someone who means more
-to them.
Someon who should return.
But when?

If 62.3% of all statistics are made up
How do we know the truth from the lies
How do we know a bowl from a cup?

If everyone saw current emotions
If we walked around with them
Plastered on our skin.

And we all saw how everyone really felt
What kind of world would we be in?

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