Before I Die

July 9, 2008
By Hannah Green, AltaVista, VA

Im locked in a prison,
The prison cell that has no key..
Oh how i long to be free..
I wish i could breath,
But my lungs have no air...
So i sit here in despair...
I wish that i could see,
why all of this has happend to me...
I sit here waiting for someone,
but then i remember that there is no one,
they all left me alone,
And every word they said cut me to the bone...
there was no one that had shone,
that they cared for me...
As i began to cry,
my heart fell apart...
I cant explain how i feel,
everything in side is just so real..
If only someone would come visit me,
But i guess its just not meant to be....
Now that no ones here,
out comes a tear...

This heart of mine,
is no longer fine..
So before i die,
you need not cry...
For its not worth the time..
I will die here in this cell,
for theres no one here to aid these wounds,
which are deepening every day,
i wish that i could say,
I had a nice day.....
But that would be a lie,
So now before i die,
I shall say,
Dont forget me!!!

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