The Last Dance

April 26, 2012
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Young mother lying by a grave
Cries for her son she failed to save
Along comes a girl, shy and terrified
For she was with him the night he died

They were taking his car home from prom
The girl cranked the radio playing her favorite song
The music was so loud that they couldn’t hear
As a truck honked a horn and swerves to miss a deer

The next thing they knew they were upside down
Inside a ditch with no one around
The girl looks at the boy in the driver’s seat
And for just a second their eyes seem to meet

The girl had some scratches, but was mostly unscaved
The boy on the other hand might not be saved
She hears sirens in the distance so she grabs his hand
Begging him to stay with her, and not die in the sand

At the hospital, she waited in the waiting room
For she was told, the doctor would be in soon
In rushes the boy’s mother through the sliding door
The girl has never seen her so upset before

She looks at her and says, I cannot operate on my son
But there is no other surgeon, I’m the only one
The young girl asks if she could see her friend
She wants to see him, so that her worrying might end

She sees him lying in the hospital bed
She thinks of turning around but she walks to him instead
He hears her walk in so he opens his eyes
With a small smile on his face as her tears dry

She reaches for his hand and he holds on
They look out the window as night turns to dawn
He looks into her eyes and says I’m ready
She sees his heart beat start to steady

He knows leaving her will be a great loss
He takes her hand and in it places a cross
She sees his lips whisper something she already knew
With his last breath he mutters an “I love you”

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