Teenage Love Report

July 7, 2008
By Ashley Bock, Parkland, FL

I’m drowning in a pool of water
And it’s getting harder and harder
To breathe

Time passes
And I miss you
But the question is do you miss me
And I hope it’s true

Can you here me crying
Damn i’m crying
Can you tell me
What’s the secret
What’s the secret
I need to know

But time passes
And I miss you
But the question is
Do you miss me
And I hope its true

I’m still waiting by the phone
The phone you never call at
When will I get a call at
The phone I can’t call back

It’s like I have a tape recorder in my head
A tape recorder that replays the questions that i've said
Where are you?
What are you doing?
Do you miss me?
Or do I miss you?

Whats the deal
where have you gone
my soul has been lost
in the sea of wrong

I cant let you go
not here not now
i will follow you
till the depth that i here our sound

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