July 7, 2008
By Chelsey Gaston, Seminole, FL

Cry out in pain, that bastard feeling,
There's something to gain, it'll leave you reeling.
This pain, oh so awful to bear,
Isn't the worst feeling that could be there.
That emptiness that was before,
Made even breathing an awful chore.
So this pain that enters, a sweet release,
Seems to make the void just cease.
Though for only a moment,
This sweet sick atonement.
Call me crazy, in disrepair,
I find it strange, you haven't a care.
But for me it's harder to be,
And in my darkness, its harder to see.
So I roll and moan, tangled in terror,
But for the moment I'm a happy bearer.
Cause this release is my hope, my only way to be free.
But still in my darkness, not a thing can I see.

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