Whisper Softly.

July 7, 2008
By Abigail Forren, Fayetteville, WV

There was a pause before I caught my breath,
Before I caught myself
Going into a fairytale that was too good to be true.
I followed the path though;
Thinking this would be different
and that I can be truly happy if only I just embrace it,
just feel it,
and let myself get to know someone amazing.
Just once..
But when your heart takes a beating, twice,
by the same boy who said he loved you
and you thought it was pure and true considering
the things we shared, the conversations we had,
the time we spent doing things that only couples do.
My heart quickens when I think about all the feelings,
memories, and kisses...
Kisses that were never really felt like first kisses.
They felt like beautiful words being spoken
in a language only you and I could possibly comprehend.
I will never forget those words.
That foreign language, those beautifully spoken words
Are the only things I ever want to hear again
from your lips.
Maybe, just maybe, perhaps
they'll whisper softly to me again.

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