Three Observers

July 12, 2008
By Emma Weinstein, New York, NY

Three Observers

I do not mind
To sit here and sketch
Lovers out the window
She is leaning on his
Right hand while
Aphorisms from finishing school
Come and go like fireflies
It is hot in summer yet
I keep the window closed.

I do not know much
I know
I am a column
Freestanding on some
Greek peninsula
While the water’s rising
And she doesn’t notice
She just stays here leaning
I do not know much
I know
I am a blue man
And in Autumn
When I stood and looked
Out across the river
I was not alone.

I was Persephone
In summer dancing
Carefree as a watermelon.
But it is winter and
I must descend again
For he waits,
Patient as stone
But I cannot complain
Though it is January
For hell is warm.

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