No Place I'd Rather Be

April 24, 2012
By MikkiBoo BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
MikkiBoo BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
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There are many places that I’ve been
And others I wish I could be
Although I’ve never left the country
Or scaled to the top of a tree

I can list that I’ve done this or that
Or say I’ve been here or there
But I still refuse to go to any place
That will totally ruin my hair

I long to climb up tall mountains
And venture across vast blue seas
To travel to a foreign country in Europe
Is a dream come true to me

But when I stop for just a minute
And think of all the places I’d go
It’s then that I realize all this is worthless
If there’s no one else to enjoy the show

From the buildings to people
To landscapes and more
Without someone to share with
It becomes a great bore

I don’t want a table for one
Or a quiet, single’s cruise
I don’t want to be left alone in a country
I don’t want to know the outcome that ensues

I just want to be with the people I love
To be surrounded by them all day
I want to remember those places with them
Not throw all those trips away

So I guess here’s where I’ll stay
With my friends and family
And think with a smile
There’s no place I’d rather be

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