July 8, 2008
Opening the door,
outside the sun
is setting.
All around,
children are playing.
Walking silently
down the street.
Thinking of what to say.
Saying “No” may crush him.
Saying “Yes” will kill me.
“Maybe” implies something
“Later” gives him hope.
So for now I’ll just run.
The autumn leaves are
coming in.
Red, orange, and yellow.
I’ve grown up, now
time to say "yes".
Knocking on the hard
oak door,
children yelling from inside.
“It’s been to long and you’re too late.”
Tiny brown-eyed children surround his bare feet.
“Why did you leave me? Why did you go?”
He asked as I cried.
“You were the one for me.”
I couldn’t answer.
I just ran.
Snow has come
the flowers gone
white covers the horizon.
I’ve grown older even more.
I knock on the cold oak door
Heavy footsteps from inside.
“Why did you leave me? Why did you go?”
He asked once more
his hair now white
his skin wrinkled
his eyes heavy with tears.
“You were the one for me.”
He held out his hand.
I wouldn’t take it.
Just took off running.
Rain is falling
hitting the ground
puddles are everywhere.
The playground now rusted
covered in weeds
I walk up to the
wet oak door.
No one answered.
Missed my chance
to say goodbye.
I took off running
Never stopping.

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