April 12, 2012
By senior2012 BRONZE, Paxton, Illinois
senior2012 BRONZE, Paxton, Illinois
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Jessica Conder
Loneliness occurs every day in teen’s lives. When this happens, teens tend to hold things inside because of feeling like there is nobody they can talk with. Lonely teens are those who go under the radar, are low key or where nobody even knows about them or realize they exist. They feel like they are in the world alone, empty, with nowhere to go. At times, teens will find poor ways to cope with the loneliness such as cutting, drugs, illegal activity, and even suicide.
Another reason teen’s feel lonely is because they feel like they don’t fit in. At times, teens will give in to anything to “Just Fit In” with the real world at school. These situations may include partying, doing drugs or alcohol, getting pregnant, or even committing suicide. Often, when this happens, the teacher’s or other adults didn’t see it coming. Even the parent’s often don’t have a clue their child is “lonely” or having troubles.

In today’s world, the pressures at school with not having the latest fashionable clothing, not having money to buy name brand clothing or items, learning difficulties, no friends, trouble with grades, and lack of motivation to continue going to school impact the intensity of a teen’s loneliness. These build up inside one’s body while there’s no place to release the valve. Often teen’s that are lonely get made fun of, bullied, or are seen as “odd ducks”.

Being lonely, teens tend to be by themselves at lunch, in class, and even after school. Teens that experience loneliness, keep to themselves, usually are quiet, and often lack friends. At home, teen isolate themselves in their bedroom away from other people in the household. If a teen is not doing “bad” things or causing problems, then parents tend to leave them alone and don’t ask questions.

The last reason teens feel lonely is because of today’s society with social media and technology. Teens are involved with Facebook, Twitter, texting, ZooSK, Skout, blogging, and cell phone games with friends (draw something and words with friends). Even the game systems in the home can connect to the internet to play others around the world. By having these devices accessible to teens, they are less likely to have human interaction.

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