never gone

July 15, 2008
By Jaimee Hilton, Pataskala, OH

Go ahead and cry, it'll be alright.
Just let it all out now
it'll help you sleep tonight.
Yes, I know life can be unfair,
we've all been there,
but you know, we all do care.
Remember, physically he may be gone
but deep inside your heart and soul
his memory and spirit will live on.
Always know he's there on your side
sweety, you'll never have to hide.
He knows how much you hurt
and he'll try his hardest to help.
He lets you see him you know
you just have to go up to the mirror
and look deep inside yourself.
It's him who made you who you are today
and there's nothing in this world that can make that change.
Now wipe those tears from your eyes
and crawl on into bed.
Just give him a minute or two
and he'll come out soon
with a good night kiss on your forehead
as he whispers "I love you."

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